How To Download Activation Key ?

  • 1. Click Download button to download intallation file and follow instructions of the installer.
  • 2. After the game is fully downloaded, the installer will automatically begin the installation process.
  • 3. The installer will ask us for the key to continue the installation.
  • 4. Click the Download key button. On the screen there will be the page from where you can download your key in .txt file.
  • 5. On the page from where we downloaded the key, we click Download Now, then we will see the window, where we need to fulfil one questionnaire.
  • 6. After the correct fulfilling, we can download the key, which we copy to our installer.
  • 7. After confirmation of the key, the installer will begin the process of installation automatically.

How to download, install and activate a game ?
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